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Action 24/7 President Tina Hodges discusses app launch

Action 24/7 CEO Tina Hodges recently spoke about sports betting in Tennessee and the launch of her company's new bookmaking app.

New Action 24/7 application

Tennessee-based sports betting operator, Action 24/7, has recently launched a digital bookmaker app for Android and iPhone. The app allows users to quickly and conveniently bet on various sports matches.

In November, the state of Tennessee decided to legalize online sports betting. There are already several international companies operating in the fledgling market, but Action 24/7 is the only locally operated service in the state.

Action 24/7 president Tina Hodges, has recently appeared in Tennessee Star report, to discuss the current state of play in the fledgling sports betting market, as well as the launch of the new Action 24/7 bookmaker app.

Tennessee sports betting market

After a brief introduction from the host Mrs. Hodges says, that The bookmaker app has so far received a positive response and great interest from consumers. He also points out that a good portion of people are unaware of the recent legalization of sports betting.

The online sports betting market is already flooded with big players. Ms Hodges says competing with companies of that size is difficult. 24/7 Action doesn't have the budget to run a massive marketing campaign, especially given the recent spike in advertising costs. However, Ms Hodges stresses that Action 24/7 has had great success and public interest despite this restriction.

Ms. Hodges also touches on the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that while the spread of the virus has had a significant impact on most industries, considers that sport has suffered in a particularly interesting way. Ms. Hodges explains that there is uncertainty as to which players will participate in the games, as each player may be kept off the field due to health issues. She notes that this has introduced some hesitation, with both advantages and disadvantages.

Application design philosophy

After a brief commercial break Ms Hodges explains to listeners how to place bets at Action 24/7 . Players can access the betting platform via the Action 24/7 website or by downloading the application, which is available for both Android and iPhone. It explains that bets can be placed using digital transfer or cash. Players who prefer the latter option can deposit cash at one of Action 24/7's many local merchant partners.

Considering that sports betting has only recently been legalized, the app Action 24/7 is designed to introduce the betting process to players in a convenient way, Who may be novices. The app also aims to ease the pressure on players, as allows you to place your bets earlier and quicker.

One of the strongest and best received features of the app is the instant payout. Ms. Hodges says this is what sets Action 24/7 apart from most of the industry. She notes that to her knowledge, Action 24/7 is the only company that provides immediate and legitimate withdrawal options.

Players can use the app to place bets on a variety of sports, including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and even rodeo. Betting on animal sports, such as dog and horse racing, is not allowed.

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