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Barkley bets 100,000 $ on Blazers' Western Conference title

Being an exceptional basketball player and a legend National Basketball Association (NBA) is one thing, and being a successful expert for sports bettors is another: that's a lesson the former NBA player, now TNT analyst, learned, Charles Barkley, has refused to learn for the past few seasons.

Blazers in the NBA Finals

This time it may cost him 100 000 $, that he put on Portland Trail Blazers, to advance to the NBA Finals before their opening home game in Utah Jazz just to see his favorites destroyed 120-100 by franchising with Beehive State.

NBA legend consistently supports Blazers for the past few seasons in the NBA, and last season he uttered bold predictions that the Portland team would beat Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the game. offs, and then move on to the NBA Finals.

Hopefully, few athletes follow the advice of Barkley, who said he put this time $100 on the Blazers to win the title Western Conference, as he can sometimes seem to be against some franchises. King Charley says that a jump team like Golden State Warriorswould never have won an NBA title, just to Warriors have won a series of 3 titles in 5 years.

Creating headers

Given Charles Barkley's wild guesses, one wonders if the TNT analyst wants to create stories to make headlines. However, a much improved Blazers lineup this year would give them a better chance to win an NBA championship compared to last season.

As for the match in Fashion Center, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were the top scorers for the Utah Jazz with 20 points, while Gobert also added 17 rebounds and CJ McCollum scored 23 points on 7-19 shooting for the Blazers.

The match started well for the Blazers, until the lead 13-6 at the 8:00 mark has turned into a deficit 32-25 late in the period due to slow defense. In the second, Portland's misery was complemented by poor rebounding, which led to Utah led first to 19, thence to 29, which scored the game midway through the third period.

Although the plant Barkley is far from dead, Portland will have to do much better not only on Saturday night against Houston Rockets, who will likely field a much weaker team due to coronavirus issues but for the rest of the season.

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