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Put the eight years of ban on the jockey who has been riding under a false name against yourself

Date posted: April 27, 2021, 3:11 am

Last updated: April 27, 2021, 04:02 h.

Philip Conneller

The jockey, who changed his name in the poll to bet on his own races, was banned from the sport for eight years by racing authorities in Australia's Northern Territory.

Terry Treichel
A jockey formerly known as Terry Treichel, now Daniel Jack Smith - at least according to his online betting accounts. (Photo: Manning River Times)

Veteran jockey Terry Treichel rode in the states of New South Wales and Queensland for many years before later relocating to the Northern Territory 2019. There he changed his name to Daniel Jack Smith but continued to compete as Treichel, opening multiple betting accounts under his new name.

In March, Smith, 49, was slapped 32 fired by Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory (TRNT). There were 29 numbers of bets on races he competed in and two numbers of false statements for the race authority, including falsely declaring his name as Terry Treichel on the jockey license application form.

"Never Seen Before"

Sixteen of the wagering fees related to bets on his own horse and 11 other horses in the races he has competed in. However, the TRNT investigation found no evidence of corruption in these 11 as he was glad Smith did not try to lose races on purpose in order to increase his chances of winning bets. It was also judged that no other person was involved in the fraud.

It was found that Smith placed 174 bets on races he did not compete in via various bookmaker accounts. These bets returned a profit of over A $ 10,000 ($ 7,077).

Smith pleaded guilty to all 32 charges.

This is a unique set of circumstances that have not been seen before in Australian races, ”the steward's report reads. "The coverage of identity change and subsequent bet counts in jockey licensing is unprecedented."

What's in a Name?

Treichel was a successful fighter. He finished runner-up in the Northern Territory Jockey Premiership for the 2019 season and has ridden

winners in 2020 at the time of its suspension last December.

TRNT stewards began their investigation on December 18 last year after receiving allegations that Smith had placed racing bets at the Alice Springs meeting on December 6, 2020.

Stewards said in the course of their investigation that they analyzed forensic imaging of cell phone data, conducted an extended audit of multiple betting accounts, and analyzed in detail the races taking place in the Northern Territory from July 2019 to December 2020.

"It turned out that since one of the betting accounts was opened in 2015, there is potential for further research by Racing NSW and Racing Queensland since there was a licensed jockey in the two states at the time," said racing authorities.

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