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Former mob lawyer says Jimmy Hoffa buried on Georgia golf course

Date published: May 8, 2021, 02: 08 hrs.

Last updated: 8 May, 2021, 07: 06 h.

Larry Henry

A criminal defense attorney claims former labor leader Jimmy Hoffa is buried on a Georgia golf course after a mob run. Before he disappeared in 1975, Hoffa helped secure loans to build casinos in Las Vegas.

Jimmy Hoffa
Former Drivers Union President Jimmy Hoffa looks to the side during a speech . Hoffa disappeared from a Detroit area restaurant in 1975. (Photo: The Detroit News )

Reginald Haupt Jr., known as "Bubba," said Fox News that after Hoffa disappeared in Detroit, his remains were transported to a private airstrip in coastal Georgia. Hoffa was buried at the former Savannah Inn and Golf Country Club on Wilmington Island, Haupt said. The island is just east of downtown Savannah.

The hotel was run by Haupt's Mob client Lou Rosanova. Known as "Lou the Tailor," Rosanova was put there by Chicago Outfit bosses. The club was a popular vacation spot for Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana and other underworld figures, Haupt said.

"That made it the perfect place," - Haupt said of the golf course. "Bring him here where they can keep an eye on him."

The lawyer said Fox News gangsters and coachmen urinated on the green where Hoffa is supposedly buried, and laughed about it.

This is no ordinary golf label "- he said.

Haupt, who served According to Fox News a prison sentence in a securities fraud case writes a book about Hoffa and anchor Eric Shawn. The book is titled Mafia Island . Haupt said he spoke with the FBI about a possible burial site.

New Jersey Dump was tracked

Former president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Hoffa went missing in July at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in the Detroit suburb of 30, 1975. Hoffa, 62, was supposed to meet with mob leaders to resolve differences. No one has been held criminally responsible for the disappearance.

Over the years, several sites, including Giants Stadium in New Jersey, have been mentioned as potential Hoffa burial sites. No remains have been found.

Shawn and investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea, author of 1978 book The Hoffa Wars , recently reported on the former crime Genovese family landfill in New Jersey, where Hoffa may have been buried in a 55-gallon drum. Moldea is considered the leading Hoffa expert in the country. Ground penetrating radar has located images that may be drums at the site. Reconnaissance excavations cannot be conducted there without law enforcement approval.

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin (R) called on authorities to conduct an excavation of the New Jersey site. He also made a formal request to the government to release the full FBI case file on Hoffa. Zeldin is a candidate for governor of New York.

Scott M. Burnstein, a Detroit-based journalist and author, said C doesn't pay much attention to the Georgia burial theory. However, since the FBI recently visited the site, "You have to give it some level of credit," he said. Burnstein said his research over the years indicates Hoffa's body was disposed of in the Detroit area.

Las Vegas Casino Connection

When the mob-connected Hoffa held power as a labor leader, he was instrumental in obtaining Teamsters Union funds to build hotel casinos in Las Vegas.

One example is the $ 10. 5 million Teamsters loan it arranged to build Caesars Palace on the Strip, according to Las Vegas Sun . Hoffa was present at the opening in 1966.

During this period and in later years, Las Vegas Mafia supervisors collected untaxed gambling revenue from casinos, leading to numerous convictions. This era is depicted in the 1995 film Las Vegas Mafia Casino.

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