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Kieran tripped over FA betting rules, banned for 10 weeks

England defender Kieran Trippier was banned for 10 weeks after breaking regulations the Football Association's (FA) bookmakers . Former player Tottenham Hotspur , who was involved in the 2019 Champions League final before joining Atletico Madrid, was also fined in of £70000 for betting irregularity violations related to his move to the Spanish team.

Provision of traffic information

Trippier was accused of 7 violations of a rule that prohibits people in the game from using information not available to the public and giving it to others for use in sports betting. The 30-year-old Atletico Madrid player strenuously denied the allegations, saying he had not placed any bets himself or profited from the bets of others.

The personal interview required by Kieran Trippier before an independent committee, which the FA scheduled for October near the international game against Denmark so he could not play in the game, did not help his case as the committee found him guilty of 4 of the 7 alleged violations related to the rule E8 (1) (b) FA, and the other 3 were rejected.

"In the event that a participant provides any other person with any football-related information that the participant has obtained by virtue of the participant's position in the game and that is not publicly available at the time, the participant will be in violation of this rule if any of that information is used by that other person for or in connection with betting."

Rule E8(1)(b)

Atletico will Miss Trippier

As a result, Kieran Trippier faces 10 weeks before football, running up to and including February 28, meaning he will miss 11 games La Liga, at least one in Copa del Reyand also the first match Champions League in the last 16 matches at home with Chelsea. The player will also pay a fine in of GBP 70 000.

Kieran Trippier has the right to appeal the sanction, which the FA, after reviewing the full written reasons of the independent panel, are unlikely to extend.

Since his move from Tottenham, Trippier has settled in at Atletico, starting 11 without missing a minute so far, and the penalty is a tough one for Trippier's team. The fact that the player will be available for the Madrid derby on March 7 is no consolation for a team that is currently top of La Liga.

The sanction imposed for Trippier's betting irregularities follows a similar sanction imposed on Daniel Sturridge, which was initially blocked for 6 weeks and the last 4 weeks suspended and fined in of £75,000 July 2019. After an independent commission found him guilty of providing his brother with inside information about a potential move from Liverpool do Seville 2018.

The FA deemed the sanctions too lenient and demanded a six-month worldwide ban, which led to an independent appeal panel decision in favour of the FA imposing a four-month ban on Sturridge and doubled his initial fine.

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