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Las Vegas Bar takes on Downtown Grand in David Vs. Goliath Court Battle

Publication date: May 10, 2021, 08: 21 hrs.

Last updated: May 10, 2021, 10: 01 hrs.

Philip Conneller

The Hogs & Heifers Saloon on Third Street in downtown Las Vegas will welcome the power of neighbor and owner, Downtown Grand, in Monday's court battle between David and Goliath, reports Las Vegas Review Journal .

Hogs & Heifers
Bartender at Hogs & Heifers in downtown Las Vegas. The owner of Downtown Grand wants to evict the company despite claiming that he is organizing "the best bloody party in Vegas." (Photo: Hogs and heifers)

The issue is on Section Third between the Lounge and Downtown Grand directly across the street. Hogs & Heifers sued the owner in 2019, accusing him of breaching the lease by using the land only for parking by the staff. The salon previously used the street outside its premises to host charity events and festivals.

According to the Hogs & Heifers complaint, the space is identified as common under the lease. He also claims that Downtown Grand is trying to illegally evict Hogs & Heifers from the premises.

Downtown Grand Countersues

Downtown Grand countered. It claims the lease states that the tenant must get permission from the landlord to use the space, which the salon failed to do when it held its 2019 St. Patrick's Day.

It also blames pigs and heifers for drunken brawls and other anti-social acts in the area. Lawyers for the casino describe it as "a really wronged party".

Instead of working with the landlord and abiding by the tenancy agreement, H&H chooses to create a consistently unsafe environment that the landlord can no longer allow, ”Downtown Grand says in court papers that are visible to the landlord. LVRJ.

Casino wants District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez to terminate the lease of 20.

"Loathsome and bawdy."

Hogs and Heifers is described as "all -American, Classic / Outlaw Country and Southern Rock Dive Bar, where bartenders interact with the crowd, sometimes using bull horns as they sip drinks [and] laugh. "

This included the Downtown Grand site, which also said the lounge "hosts the best damn party in Vegas."

A reviewer on the TripAdvisor network site called it "loud, friendly and one of the best bartenders around. They insult you, yell and dance on the bar. "

Another described it as "Horrible and bawdy," giving it five out of five stars.

Hideous and lewd may not be everyone's cup of tea. But Hogs & Heifers became part of the downtown fabric and was a major player in the mid-2000s revitalization of the area, observers say.

The success of the cult

Owner Michelle Dell said LVRJ that she was personally invited by then-mayor Oscar Goodman and other city officials to organize a downtown venue following the iconic success of the original New York City Hogs & Heifers.

It opened the lounge in 2005, as did the neighboring Lady Luck casino, which closed due to renovations. Two years later, Lady Luck was acquired by investment group CIM. It opened in 2013 as the Downtown Grand.

"So that ultimately it's about starving me, "Dell said. "Ultimately it's about property value. And I'm in their way. "

" It took them [Downtown Grand] eight years to open, and as soon as they opened, the first thing they wanted was to kick me out. But I don't want to leave. I like Third Street. We built this street ".

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