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PUBG Mobile bans more than 1.4 million cheaters in a week

PUBG Mobile banned more than 1.4 million cheaters between December 4 and December 10. This is another anti-cheating action known as the "Ban Pan" report, in which PUBG reveals the number of players blocked.

Nearly 1.5 million cheaters have been banned in another "Ban the Pan" campaign by PUBG

Free-to-play games attract millions of players around the world, and some of them don't like to play fair. Such is the case with PUBG Mobile. Although millions of players play each week, the game's anti-cheating system is constantly under scrutiny and Permanently blocks players who use codes or hacks.

Considering there are millions of players in PUBG Mobile, the number of cheaters who are banned every week is also in the millions. Only recently, PUBG revealed that during the from 4 December to 10 December 1,498,044 accounts were permanently suspended . Earlier, in early December, another part of the 1,450,234 accounts has been permanently suspended in another action against fraud.

According to a PUBG report called "Ban Pan", most popular code used by banned players was an automatic target . About 26% cheating players who were banned used such cheating. The second highest number was the X-Ray Vision scam, which allows players to see enemy units through buildings or walls. Such code has been used by approximately 24% players.

About 17% of the blocked players used a code labeled "other" while 16% players took advantage of the speed hack. Another 10% banned players used the damage area modification code, and 7% used the character modification code.

Distribution breakdown of prohibited fraudsters

Most of the cheaters - 29% banned were identified in the Bronze rank, which is the lowest level in the game. About 11% of the banned players were found in the next rank, which is Silver. The same amount - 11% were cheaters found in the Gold rank, while in Platinum, this percentage increased to 13%.

Scammers who were found and banned from Diamond rank, they were 14% all of them. At the next level, the Crown, 12% cheaters were found.

Scammers found and banned even at the highest levels-- Ace and Conqueror. About 2% of the banned players had the highest level, Conqueror, while 8% were found and banned with the rank of Ace.

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