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Nevada regulators postpone workshop on online gaming and sports betting

Published: May 7, 2021, 19: 34 hrs.

Last updated: May 7, 2021, 01: 46 h.

Devin O'Connor

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) is delaying a planned workshop on online gaming requirements and in-person registration for new sports betting accounts.

Nevada Gaming Control Board online gaming
Brin Gibson, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, speaks during a meeting last month. Gibson's NGCB is holding a workshop on online gambling and personal sports betting registration. (Photo: Las Vegas Review-Journal )

Originally scheduled for May 13, the NGCB says the meeting will now take place when the Nevada Legislature wraps up its 2021 session later next month.

To ensure that all parties who wish to participate in this important discussion about the future of Nevada gaming are able to attend, and preferably in person, the Board intends to schedule a workshop on the proposed changes and the role of technology and gaming in Nevada in the near future following the conclusion of the current session of the Nevada Legislature ", NGCB explained the notice.

Ace previously reported that the NGCB plans to examine whether it is time for Nevada to legalize online gaming, including interactive slots and e-gaming boards. The regulator is additionally expected to assess whether the state should abolish the current need for sports bettors to register accounts at a physical casino.

The discussion came

No state is more addicted to gambling than Nevada. During the COVID - 39 pandemic, the state's casinos suffered greatly as gambling operations and resorts were forced to shut down completely.

That was also the case in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, now the second and third largest gaming markets in the country, respectively, after Nevada. But unlike those jurisdictions, which have legal, regulated online gaming that at least helped offset some of the brick-and-mortar losses, Nevada's casino revenue rose to $0 during the shutdown.

Nevada only has online poker and only one platform currently in operation -

An NGCB workshop is set to consider numerous changes to Regulation 5A, which deals with Internet gambling. The board wants to have an impact on allowing Nevada licensed casinos to operate websites that offer players interactive slots and popular table games such as blackjack and roulette.

The discussion on sports betting registration is expected to face a lot of opposition from Nevada casinos. Operators prefer the in-person mandate because it forces potential sports bettors to visit their physical casino before they can place sports bets online.

Online games for big companies

COVID-19 was disastrous for land-based casinos across the country. But iGaming operators prospered thanks to stay-at-home orders.

Five states have full online casino gambling - Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And while coronavirus restrictions continue to be lifted, iGaming is still doing well.

Delaware iGaming in March 2021 was just a few $900, 000 . Prior to the pandemic in March 2019 iGaming gross gaming revenue (GGR) was less than 300, 000 . online operators in Pennsylvania reported GGR of over $ 97. 6 million in March. Online casinos in the state did not launch until summer 2019.

Michigan, which debuted iGaming this year, reported March online GGR of $ 95 million. That's up from $79 million in February. West Virginia online casinos took just $5 million in gambling wagers in March.

And in New Jersey, the richest iGaming market, March online casino revenue totaled more than $ 113.6 million. That's up 75 percent from March 2020, and 190 percent from March 2019, when iGaming GGR was $ 39.1 million.

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