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Related to the fight against high-risk gambling through transparency indicators

Kindred, an online gambling group, will promote safe gambling by publishing transparency indicators.

Kindred Group set a course for 0% revenue from harmful gambling

Kindred Group , an online gambling operator that consists of 9 brands, will be the first to publish a report on its revenue generated from high-risk players . This is part of the company's plan to reduce revenue from harmful gambling to 0% . Kindred aims to achieve this goal by 2023. The company will incorporate "transparency metrics" into its financial reporting. It will share information about its progress with its stakeholders. Every quarter, the company will disclose data on harmful gambling and publish it on its website .

Kindred shared in an update to stakeholders that in the last quarter of 2020, the record showed that high-risk gamblers contributed 4.3% of gross win. This data is included in the "safe gambling efficiency" measure, which shows 75.7% improvement in customer interventions.

Kindred's goal is to make gambling enjoyable and reduce risky behavior

Kindred created a safer gambling program several years ago. Its goal is to identify high-risk gambling behavior early and promote healthier gambling, as well as assist players who may be showing signs of risky behavior, establishing communication with players and intervening when necessary. The high standards and stringent measures for safer gambling did not stop the company from reporting record high revenues for the third quarter of last year .

Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström believes in the company's goals of 0% high-risk gambling by 2023. The group's current estimated audience is 98% recreational gamblers. Tjärnström stated that the company's goal is to identify high-risk gamblers and help establish healthier gambling habits .

He also said that the company's idea is to make gambling fun for players. Curbing high-risk gambling will be a long process. It requires an open dialogue based on facts. He added that policymakers can increase "channelization" : the extent to which consumers gamble with licensed operators .

Players who play with unlicensed operators are at risk because they are not covered by any security measures. Tjärnström added that the company must measure its efforts to create a healthy gambling environment .

Kindred wants to share the revenue generated by high-risk gamblers and create a sustainable, long-term, safer gambling environment. A regulated local market is an important part of achieving that goal. Last year, the company criticized the Swedish government for extending online gambling restrictions until June 2021, stating that only offshore sites would benefit from such a measure, rather than protecting players.

How does the Kindred platform work?

Kindred continually informs customers of various control tools and actively promotes responsible gaming by reminding them of healthy gambling behavior. Any unusual player behavior is flagged by Kindred's PS-EDS (player safety early detection system).

The customer is given platform tools that can activate a time limit or budget . If that doesn't help change behavior, the player can be contacted by phone, email or text message. Kindred made about 55,000 calls for help in 2020 to provide players with information about responsible gambling and how to use platform restriction tools.

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