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More visitors flock to Las Vegas when a travel agency reveals a TV ad

Posted on April 28, 2021, 3:27 a.m.

Last updated: April 28, 2021, 03:40 h.

Larry Henry

Value The number of visitors to Las Vegas is growing and more people are arriving by plane than in recent months. As this was the case, Las Vegas Tourism officials launched an ad campaign informing people of the city's reopening.

McCarran International Airport
Passengers at McCarran International Airport south of downtown Las Vegas, stand near the illuminated welcome sign. In March, the number of tourists flock to Las Vegas increased. (Picture: Las Vegas Review Journal )

In March, more than 2.2 million visitors visited the Las Vegas Valley, in line with the Las Vegas Convention and Authority guests. That's an increase of almost 46 percent to over 1.5 million visitors in February.

With COVID - 19 vaccinations and stimulus checks nationwide, more and more visitors are flocking to McCarran International Airport. The airport is located near the southeast end of the Las Vegas Strip. In March, the number of inbound and departmental passengers at the airport increased by 25 percent from the previous month.

Without a Las Vegas convention, hotel occupancy remains low in the middle of the week. Conventions are seen as essential to populating the area's massive hotel towers in the middle of the week. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal no conventions were held in Las Vegas in March

In March this year, the hotel's occupancy rate was 55.5 percent, or 13.5 percentage points, higher than in the previous month. Data for March 2021 show a weekend hotel occupancy of 77.7 percent, but the daily rate is 47.8 percent.

Also in March, the average daily room rate was $ 100.11, just 2 percent higher than February 98. 03.

Increasing vehicle traffic

Another sign of growth in tourism is vehicle traffic on Interstate 15, the main route from Las Vegas to Southern California.

On March 45, 872 vehicles in use daily I - 15, an increase of 67 percent from March 2020, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation. The department does not indicate whether the vehicles are local or out of town.

Tourism officials hope the high-speed train from California's Apple Valley to Las Vegas will clear some of the Sunday traffic jams on I-25 and bring more people from Southern California to Las Vegas. Construction of the train is scheduled to begin at the end of June.

"Vegas You"

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has launched a new nationwide television advertising campaign to attract tourists to the city.

The 30 - the second feature of the "Vegas You" ad, a woman bringing excitement to a seemingly gray life while in Las Vegas. The ad features a dance and ends with an announcer saying, "Let Vegas go."

The new "Vegas You" campaign reminds travelers that Las Vegas is open, ready and excited to welcome them, "said Kate Wik, LVCVA's marketing director.

On Saturday, casinos in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, will be released from 50 percent capacity to 80 percent, officials said. However, casino games are not the main focus of the LVCVA advertising campaign.

The new ad features non-gaming locations at resorts on the Strip and Circa Resort in downtown Las Vegas. Advertising never shows casino floors or gaming tables.

Casinos are no longer the biggest money producers in Las Vegas resorts. Since 1999, resorts have made more money from conventions, hotels, entertainment and restaurants than from gambling, according to Wall Street Journal .

As early as August 1998, the casino's director filed a complaint with Las Vegas Sun that the LVCVA ad campaign failed to explain how the city was changing from gambling to entertainment, shopping and gourmet dining.

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