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Kyushu IR Promotion Council will seek to strengthen local economy

Hodo Nakamura, the governor of Nagasaki Prefecture, stated that Kyusu IR Promotion Board will be appointed in late January or early February. Mr. Nakamura commented on the likely date for the creation of the administrative body during Tuesday's plenary session of the prefectural assembly.

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The purpose of the promotion board is to connect the operator that Nagasaki Prefecture selects as a partner for the casino project with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Kiusiu region and provide a boost to the local economy by purchasing. casino goods and services from local SMES. The Promotion Board will be headed by the chairman Kyushu Economic Federation, Yutaka Aso.

Nagasaki Prefecture, a potential candidate for 1 of the 3 slot machines available nationwide for integrated casino resorts, announced last month it was restarting the process submission of proposals (RFP) in to select a private sector partner to work with the prefecture to develop the casino complex. Under the new timetable, the RFP reopening is expected to take place in January, following the temporary suspension of the September .

In September, Nagasaki Prefecture announced that, based on information from multiple sources, the national government is expected to delay the IR project by between 6 months and 1 year, and Nagasaki has therefore decided to indefinitely halt the RFP process for selecting a private sector partner.

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The prefecture published its Kyushu-Nagasaki IR Basic Concept in April , in which it explained in detail the basic premises of the IR project, including its potential and goals, what facilities should be built and how they should function, and measures to address gambling addiction.

The document indicates that the prefecture selected for the IR casino project, if given one of the available sites for integrated casino resorts, in the vicinity of the theme park Huis Ten Bosch. Strategically located to attract foreign visitors in addition to local ones, and in an area populated by 1 billion people within a radius 1500 km, 31 hectares land represents a huge potential for the project and will certainly attract any possible private sector partner.

IR's casino assets are estimated to generate from 6.9 billion do 9.3 billion visits per year, while the projected cost of developing the IR casino will range from 350 billion JPY to JPY 460 billion / USD 3.2 billion to USD 4.2 billion.

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